We develop custom batteries for government and private industry that require specific, often difficult, challenges to be met by the applications they serve. At Johnson Battery Technologies and related company Excellatron, these parameters are truly welcomed as we are incredibly confident in our battery technologies and processes.

We solve energy problems for the government and companies in a diverse range of industries. From the oil & gas industry to aerospace, defense and medical industries, we are able to create battery solutions for demanding applications with safe and valuable outcomes.

Because our battery technology does not rely on liquid or gel electrolytes as traditional lithium-ion batteries do, our batteries withstand higher temperatures without exploding, catching fire or losing efficiency. In fact, our batteries function more efficiently at higher temperatures.

With the safety and efficiency of our batteries, many companies have seen clear benefits of partnering with JBT to develop better energy storage solutions.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, who is CEO of JBT, has over 100 patents granted or applied for.

A Quick History of JBT-Related Business Activity