There are many benefits to our lithium-metal batteries for both high temperature and room temperature applications.

High Temperature

Our 1st Generation technology withstands temperatures up to 150°C.

High and Low Voltage

Our batteries can withstand higher and lower voltages than most conventional batteries.


Many high-temperature batteries are primary; ours are rechargeable.


With no liquid or gel electrolytes, our batteries safely address the risk of explosion.

Small Size

JBT batteries can be made small enough to fit into most sensors and monitoring devices.


Our custom battery designs can be formed with curvature.


The JBT batteries can survive autoclave, pasteurization and other industrial processes.

Long Life

Our batteries are being designed to last for 5 years and longer.

Low Self-Discharge

Our batteries are being designed for significantly lower self-discharge than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Thermal Runaway

JBT batteries are being designed to manage thermal runaway, preventing batteries from short circuiting and overheating.


A battery engineering company developing custom batteries for the government and private industry.


I have some questions. Why didn’t the pilot in the video check the infrared for a heat signature? Did the vessel appear on radar? Was there an attempt to jam this vessel’s radar?


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