JBT Announces New Advances in Solid-State Battery Technology

New Technology Achieves Improved Rate Capability

Atlanta, January 27, 2016—Johnson Battery Technologies (JBT), developer of solid-state battery technology, has made important and exciting advances this month.

Battery Technology Advancements

One success is the significant improvement in the charge/discharge rate capability of solid-state ceramic batteries. Cells have been successfully cycled at temperatures up to 150°C, at discharge rates over a range of C – 5C; the batteries can now be charged in just under one hour.

“We’ve made a significant breakthrough toward achieving our goal of providing all-solid-state ceramic batteries that exceed the energy density of state-of-the-art lithium-ion cells, and that can be manufactured at a competitive cost,” said Dr. Lonnie Johnson, CEO and Founder of JBT.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, has been invited by the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, VA, and also Commonwealth Edison in Chicago, IL, to showcase his energy technologies.

JBT’s Active Implantable Medical Device Consortium

JBT’s Consortium for Active Implantable Medical Devices continues to receive strong interest as medical device companies continue to seek smaller and higher energy density batteries as well as batteries that can be designed for the size and contour of their specific applications.
Last month JBT received a request for a specialty implantable battery.

JBT’s High-Temperature Consortium

Continued strong interest in JBT’s technology from the international oil & gas industry has led JBT to come up with creative ways to partner with those companies that want access to the solid-state battery technology.  The affordable membership in the Consortium allows the world’s leading companies to maintain access to current technological advancements, and to plan proprietary applications. JBT is also actively partnering and sharing its technology with those companies that are resource-constrained at present, and thereby helping to keep those companies on the leading edge of battery technology.

Continued Delivery of Prototypes to Business Partners

Companies in the US and UK have received samples of JBT’s battery technology over the past few weeks and an additional eight companies in the US and Western Europe are scheduled to receive samples within the coming weeks. After receiving the samples, these companies put JBT’s solid-state battery technology through their own in-house testing and generate independent results and assessments.

For more information on Johnson Battery Technologies and their latest endeavors and technology advancements, visit www.johnsonbatterytech.com.

About Johnson Battery Technologies

Johnson Battery Technologies develops safe custom batteries to fit challenging applications for both the public and private sectors, solving energy problems in a diverse range of industries, including petroleum, aerospace-defense, implantable medical devices, and more.  Lonnie Johnson is an engineer and an inventor who holds more than 100 patents and whose technologies have been featured by CNN, Popular Mechanics, and TIME Magazine.  He is perhaps most well-known as a former NASA engineer and the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun, one of the most popular toys in the world. For more information on Johnson Battery Technologies, visit http://johnsonbatterytech.com.


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