Dr. Lonnie G. Johnson

Founder and President

Dr. Lonnie Johnson is the CEO and Founder at Johnson R&D, where he created the JTEC. He is also CEO at JBT, which has developed a next-generation battery technology. Johnson is an engineer and inventor who holds more than 100 patents and whose technologies have been listed as world-class by media such as CNN, Popular Mechanics and TIME.

Johnson served in the U.S. Air Force, where he was awarded multiple medals and helped develop components in the stealth bomber program. Later as a NASA Nuclear Engineer, he received multiple achievement awards for his work in spacecraft system design. One of Johnson’s inventions was incorporated in the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

Johnson is most well known as the inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun, which became one of the most popular toys in the world and has generated billions of dollars in retail revenue under the license. Super Soaker has received multiple industry awards, including Outdoor Toy of the Year.

Propelled by the success of the Super Soaker, Johnson founded Johnson R&D, where he spearheads development of the JTEC and a new solid-state lithium-metal battery. The solid-state battery can operate at very high temperatures while protecting against fire and explosion, making it a safer and more reliable alternative to traditional batteries and an ideal energy storage technology for the energy generated by the JTEC. Among his other technologies is the Johnson Thermo-electrochemical Converter (JTEC), an advanced heat engine that can convert heat into electricity with twice the efficiency of current methods. Utilizing waste heat, such as at solar farms or industrial process, makes the JTEC superior in its environmental responsibility.

Johnson holds an honorary doctorate in science, a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. In 2011, Johnson was inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame. Dr. Johnson also hosts and sponsors the national FIRST® Robotics Competition, a program that inspires young people’s interest and participation in science and technology. He is a mentor to Drstudents and provides an on-site location at JBT for the team to build and develop their inventions.

Anthony C. Pace

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Pace is the President at Johnson R&D, responsible for day-to-day leadership and overall management of the company. In his role, Pace has helped establish Johnson R&D as a pioneer in developing advanced energy technologies.

Pace has worked at Johnson R&D since its inception. Throughout his tenure at the company, JTEC and its sister companies’ technologies have been cited in several publications, including Popular Mechanics Magazine’s Breakthrough Technologies.

Pace began his executive career at GEC-Marconi as a Strategic Business Unit Director. In this function, Pace was responsible for all aspects of the commercial aviation support business, including profit and loss, design support, engineering, development, qualification, manufacturing and repair/maintenance management.

Pace holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He additionally earned a Master of Business Administration in Finance, and a second MBA with a focus on C-Level Executive Management and Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University.

Boyko Aladjov

Chief Technology Officer

Boyko Aladjov is the Chief Technology Officer at Johnson R&D, responsible for leading the company’s research and development practice. As Chief Technology Officer, Aladjov manages a robust team of scientists, researchers and technicians, as well as partnerships with leading universities like the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of South Carolina.

Aladjov’s expertise lies in research and development in electrochemical engineering with a focus on electrochemical energy storage and conversion. He possesses thorough knowledge of batteries for EV, HEV and Plug-In HEV, charge/discharge algorithm, and safety and abuse testing of different batteries and fuel cell systems. He has a robust background in a variety of battery systems, fuel cells, electrochemical testing and evaluation, and R&D of battery chemistries, such as nickel/metal hydroxide and lithium-based batteries.

Aladjov joined the Johnson R&D team in January 2015 after serving as Director of Engineering Bulgaria & Nickel Technologies EMEA at EnerSys. He has authored/co-authored 37 issued U.S. patents as well as many scientific papers and international conference presentations.

Aladjov earned a Master of Science in Electrochemistry from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Organizations. He has since been awarded honorary professor status.

Ginnie Miller

Chief Marketing, Sales and Finance Officer

Ginnie Miller is the Chief Marketing, Sales and Finance Officer at Johnson R&D. Miller joined the Johnson R&D team in August 2014, bringing nearly 20 years of business and financial management experience to the company.

In her role, Miller is responsible for all aspects of the company’s sales, marketing and finances. As a member of the executive management team, Miller contributes to the overall leadership of the organization.

Prior to joining Johnson R&D, Miller worked at two divisions of Novartis, Georgia Pacific, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard/Agilent and a division of Eastman Chemical.

Miller earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Economics from Penn State University and her Master of Business Administration from American University. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Jim Llewellyn

Legal Counsel

Jim Llewellyn provides legal counsel for Johnson R&D, providing legal, regulatory, governmental and business consulting services.

Llewellyn’s experience spans the private and public sectors. Prior to joining the Johnson R&D and JTEC team, Llewellyn served as President of Upton J. Lapin, MCL, LLC and Senior Regulatory Counsel at BellSouth Corporation. He was also appointed by a former U.S. President to a to 4-year term as Commissioner for the United States Arctic Research Commission.

Llewellyn earned a Bachelor of Science at the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as a Master of Business Administration at Georgia State University, before pursuing his Juris Doctorate in Law at the University of South Carolina. Llewellyn additionally served in the United States Army in Armor, Infantry and Military Intelligence in the U.S., Vietnam and Germany.

Angie Maddox

Head of Communications

Angie Maddox is the head of communications for Johnson R&D and JTEC. As a seasoned public relations professional with more than fifteen years of agency and corporate experience working with global brands including Best Buy, The Home Depot, General Mills, HP, Microsoft, SAP and Sun Microsystems, she is responsible for sharing JTEC’s innovative technology with key influencers.

Angie’s broad range of expertise has included driving brand PR for consumer and business clients, managing consumer education initiatives for leading retailers and interacting with financial analysts and all members of the media. She has significant experience in developing integrated communications strategies and plans as well as managing global product introductions.


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Our team has been hard at work on the JTEC, my invention that turns heat into electricity. I am very excited about JTEC’s potential and am grateful that other people see that too! via @AtlantaInno

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